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It's vital to keep your website up to date.  Failing to do this could damage your search engine ranking or result in your site getting hacked.

In general, website maintenance falls into two types:  

  • Keeping the server, content management system and any other software up to date; and
  • Adding new content, pages and images as well as editing and managing the information already on the site.

If website updates are something you dread, I'm happy to help!

Get in touch to ask about website maintenance services

Maintaining website content

Even with training and documentation, using your CMS to maintain the contents of your website can be time consuming, has a 'learning curve' and can be a distraction from your main work tasks. 

In addition,  making updates yourself can sometimes mean that page layouts and design end up messy and inconsistent as it's easy to forget to use the 'standard' styles that have been built in to your template or to follow the design principles of your site.

I will never leave you with a 'finished' website and expect you to completely takeover full management unless you're happy to do so.  I prefer to work with clients, providing advice when needed, writing instructions or documentation or simply taking on the job for you if it's not something you want to deal with.

If you are struggling with your CMS or find you don't have time to update information such as pricing, product details,  news and contacts then I am happy to help.

Server and software maintenance

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Most content management systems regularly receive security or feature updates.  When security updates are released, it is vital to install them fairly quickly and even feature updates should be kept on top of to ensure the stability of your website.

Joomla updates and extension updates are normally straight forward to do from the administrator panel, however it's always advisable to make a backup before installing anything new on your site since there is a risk that something may break and need some additional fixes. 

Some people are not comfortable making these kinds of updates and in these cases of course I'm more than happy to do it for you; making backups, doing the installation and then testing the site afterwards.

No CMS or one you're struggling with?

You may have been left with an older website or a smaller more basic one without a content management system.  To maintain this kind of site requires knowledge of HTML and CSS which you may not have.  I do have these skills and would therefore be able, with the right access, to provide maintenance support for your website pages.

On the other hand, you might have been handed over a CMS driven website without much support and are struggling to get to grips with its features.  Being familiar with several different interfaces including Wordpress, Shopify and Wix plus having an understanding of how these systems work, I can often find a way to achieve the updates you are after.


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