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Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is all it takes.

You may be dealing with designers, developers, search engine specialists or social media managers.  Each one of whom will have different goals and website requirements but don't always have a holistic view of what your clients and customers expect when they visit your website.

Alternatively you may feel that your website is underperforming:  Not appealing to your target audience or not ranking well in search engines.

I am able to, in simple terms, analyse why your website is not performing and tell you how you could improve both the function and design.  I can also help communicate with your technical contacts and external agencies to ensure you get the changes you want.

Underperforming websites

Over time, websites grow, features are added and goals change.

If this has happened to your site over months or years, you might find that visitors to the site find it difficult to locate the information they're after.  Navigation systems can get messy with too many top level options, pages that are missing from the main navigation or headings that are not intuitive.

Content structures can also suffer meaning that you fail to provide a clear path for potential contacts or clients to acheive what they set out to do.  All this leads to a site that is difficult to use and looks unprofessional.  When this happens, many people give up and go to another site.

Using my marketing knowledge, I can asses your home page, site content and structure and come up with ideas to improve the information flow, calls to action, usability and visual appeal of your website.

Dealing with website development agencies

In any industry, it's easy to get bogged down in jargon, buzz words and complicated technologies and website developers are no exception.  Many times I have come across clients who have been baffled by technical terms or received quotes for expensive complex functions that were not really necessary for what they needed.

I have been able to help by explaining technical language in more simple terms and to assess whether what has been quoted for is necessary or useful.

I never criticise or make subjective judgements about working processes or design style but act help communication in a constructive manner on both sides.

SEO and digital marketing specialists

Search engine optimisation or SEO seeks to improve your search engine (usually Google) ranking by targeting key phrases and terms that people might be searching for. 

SEO professionals and those managing digital marketing campaigns may ask you to change your content, create landing pages or add tracking code without really looking at how that new content integrates with the rest of your website structure, navigation or your overall business goals.

They may even ask for administrator access to your website in order to implement their changes.

I can help you understand more clearly what they are asking for and why.  I can also help to implement changes whilst looking at how it fits in with the rest of your site.


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