About Us

Leila Hodgkins

I have been a website designer for more than 10 years with experience of working within a marketing agency and now as a freelancer.

Prior to that I worked in marketing which has given me a good background to understanding digital marketing and how your website fits into your online and offline marketing strategy.

My skills include designing and developing websites from scratch either using existing branding or creating an online brand, structuring content to achieve high standards of usability and SEO, and advising about online strategy.

I believe passionately that the Internet is an open platform meant for everyone and, as such, website design should aim to be clear, user-focussed and accessible.

When not sitting in front of the computer, I like to spend time in the garden or doing handycrafts particularly knitting and crochet.

David Moss

Having started creating computer artwork before leaving school, I have worked on pretty much every platform from the Atari ST right up to the latest tablets and phones.

In the very early days I was a pixel artist but now specialize in 3D modelling, animation, texturing and video.

In 2012 I created all the artwork for the Bafta nominated 'Great Big War Game' from Rubicon Development.

In recent years I have worked on games including Great Little/Big War Game (iOS, Android, PC), Combat Monsters(iOS, Android, PC), Postman Pat SDS (iOS, Android), Yachty Deluxe (iOS, Android, PC), and many more.

Outside of computer art I am an avid toy collector having amassed a large collection of 70's and 80's sci-fi toys. I now run a very popular Youtube channel discussing and fixing vintage toys.


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