Video and Animation

David Moss makes use of advanced techniques and software to edit video, add soundtracks and post-production effects to create a polished final product.

Video can be output to various formats including DVD, online streaming eg. YouTube or Vimeo, embedded in a website or used as part of a presentation.

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Videos for Conferences and Presentations

Used as part of a presentation, video can clearly and quickly impart your information without your audience having to sit through endless static slides.

Our videos and animations can be used in combination with Powerpoint slides to produce stunning and entertaining presentations. Our mini film productions have been used at awards ceremonies, corporate conferences and training events.

Animation and Avatars

Animated characters can add a sense of fun and hold the viewer's interest.  Or why not combine film and animated effects for a highly professional video experience?

An animated sting to top and tail your YouTube videos adds professionalism, gives consistency and strengthens your brand online.


Video Playlist

Below is a selection of corporate and commercial videos Dave has produced.


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